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Advantage of this type of a biosensor consists first of all in its high selectivity. Selectivity of similar biosensors is defined by high specificity of a glyukozoksidaza and the nature of electrochemical reaction in which components of fermentativny process participate. In general the class of enzymes - oxidases is high-specific in relation to the defined substrata. Systems on the basis of not biological converter, on the contrary, not so of a selektivna as it it would be desirable that is caused by a variety of reasons. Nevertheless there are restrictions and on application of this design of a biosensor, caused by influence of oxygen and other foreign substances capable to get through a biolayer (more precisely, through a membrane), and therefore the problem of improvement of designs of biosensors on glucose is represented very actual.

Here one of recent examples of development of the biosensors based on use of a natural hemoretseptor. Hemoretseptor taken from sensitive antennas (organellas) of a blue sea crab was attached to the ultramicroelectrode measuring potential. The new type of the electrometric detector which is extremely quickly reacting to insignificant changes of structure of the environment in which it is shipped was as a result made. The blue crab is very sensitive to traces of heavy metals and lives only in the purest sea water.