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Let's calculate coefficient of strengthening of the antenna with the flat directional pattern G, width of which main petal of the directional pattern in the azimuthal plane at the level of 0,5 on power is equal to 0,5, and in the vertical plane - .

Understand the weighed sum of 1 W of power of the transmitter as the cost of C1 and 1 sq.m of the antenna. As a result of optimization the cost of RLS decreased with 67564 to 42252, the optimum wavelength of  = 0,124 m which is more than a wavelength before optimization was received ( = 0,1 m). It leads to that at the fixed coefficient of strengthening of the antenna there was an increase in its effective area. The energy potential of station is fixed, therefore at increase in the effective area of the antenna there is a reduction of average power of the transmitter.