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The amplifier has a stock on strengthening 2db, it is necessary in order that in case of deterioration, parameters of separate elements the coefficient of transfer of the amplifier did not fall below the set level determined by the specification.

Counting the amplifier we will recognize that the distortions brought by the correcting chains of cascades do not exceed 1,5 dB, and the distortions brought by the output correcting chain do not exceed 1 dB, then the distortions brought by the amplifier will not exceed 2,5 dB.

For reduction of distortions consistently with a dividing capacity we will include additional resistance parallel to the capacity of the correcting cascade chain. Additional resistance is calculated on a formula:

Proceeding from the above results of calculations, it is most expedient to use the throttle cascade as when using the throttle cascade it is less than a supply voltage, the disseminated power, and also power consumption (that is very essential).

The schematic diagram of the resistive cascade is submitted in figure 1, and the equivalent scheme on alternating current in figure 1, the throttle cascade in figure 2, and and its equivalent scheme on alternating current in figure 2.