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People, regain consciousness! Look around, – how many remarkable people live near you, how many beautiful young men and girls round you, for communication with which it is not necessary to buy the modem on 2800 baud at all and to save on breakfasts to pay provider.

We do not consider that similar channels of communication are an outlet for the people who are filled up with work on the computer, we consider that similar communication leads to katostrafichesky falling, both productivity, and efficiency of work.

No list of conferees exists. Any can receive and send messages, whose car is connected with any other car which receives messages of conference. All dispatched messages are divided into groups on subjects and to receive messages of group,

It not a fragment of the absurdist play belonging to any latest Ionesko's feather and not the minutes of patients of violent chamber in private psychiatric clinic. All participants of this conversation not only absolutely real people, but also in the majority the normal. And even the responsible. It is simple Chat – a place in the Network where they meet day by day to exchange thoughts, impressions, feelings, etc., say, to communicate – in one of the interactive worlds of virtual reality.

In more concrete sense the virtual world, is a community of people who build interactive virtual life. It something like clubs where people also or communicate on subjects interesting by it, only here communication is less dynamic, more subordinated to etiquette which is defined, as a rule, by founders of club or its oldest inhabitants.

We have not enough friends, some people with whom we go to parties. We know all others only in a network. Our true friends there, on other end of a wire. We know them on channels of relaying of dialogues of IRC, on groups of news and on other systems in which we work.

- messages are sent to each of participants of group separately; if four participants of group are in one local network, the separate copy of each message is all the same sent everyone; if ten participants of group are by one big car - to this car comes on ten copies of each message, on one on each member group.

1 The cyberpunk is not a fiction genre any more. It any more not subculture. The cyberpunk is a new separate culture, the child of a new era. Culture which unites our views and interests. We make a whole. We are cyberpunks.

Usually post programs are supported also such opportunity as post lists. If the group of the people united by common interests wants to support discussion on any subject a long time, they create such list, allocate for it any name then all messages sent to this name are dispatched to all participants of group. It is supposed that such group has to have an administrator to whom it is possible to address if you want that you were included in group, expelled from it or if you changed the address.

Here it is simply impossible to lodge for a long time (as, for example, in a chat – the circle of people is quite limited by the general tastes, messages arrive rather seldom, and loves the talkers saying long monologues in emptiness here nobody, and they are compelled to choose other means of communication.

(There are not modelled clubs, but there subjects, lexicon, public and ways of self-expression just the same as in chats, as a matter of fact, it and is chats, with only that feature that it is impossible to change the nickname here.)

"Constantly there is a dilemma. On the one hand, if some discussion arises, there is a wish to involve in it as much as possible people - interesting and different. But, on the other hand, as soon as information on her leaks to the Web and becomes general property - on it as on fire, all who wants to be marked out simply in a network are flied (thus "There was Vasya here" is the softest of option.

"it is not existing, imagined world which can be real". At least its consequences can quite be real: the dizziness, fear, pleasure and passion generated by this technology are quite real;

it is necessary to subscribe for this group, that is to include a name of this group in the list by the car. The network software serving the USENET conference chooses the messages relating to groups of your list from all offered messages. Sending the message, you mark, to what group it belongs, and everything who is signed on this group, your message will receive.