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foot of steady growth, and only 10% - fast development due to production of new production or the introduction on the new markets that speaks about aspiration to saving of the status quo, are visible satisfying the owners.

Shuya role. First, it is all services sector, including technical services, including repair and maintenance of cars and the equipment; consulting services; consumer services of the population. Secondly - trade and purchasing operations, and also intermediary activity.

Besides small firms seek to arrange mass production as soon as possible. Thereby, value of the development which is carried out by the small enterprises rather important, first of all from the point of view of expansion of the market of the offered goods and services that in turn actively stimulates process

type - corporations. It is an organizational form it is most characteristic for large and medium business, though from total number of all corporations, for example in the USA, 98% - small family firms. And though formally management of corporation has to be

For the independent analysis of small business it is important to find a method of division of the enterprises on small and large. There are many ways. Often allocate concept of monopoly, and everything that does not fit this definition, carry to a small predp-

First, as it was already noted, he provides necessary mobility in the conditions of the market, creates deep specialization and cooperation without which its high efficiency is inconceivable. Secondly, it is capable not only to fill quickly the niches which are formed in the consumer sphere but also rather quickly to pay off. Thirdly, - to create the atmosphere of the competition.

including preparation and retraining of enterprise shots, attraction to this sphere of socially active segments of the population. It is also necessary to define the measures providing support of foreign economic activity and attraction of the foreign

The relation of innovations to costs of scientific researches and development of small enterprises is 3-4 times higher, than in the large. If to track a way of the invention worked by large monopolies, quite often it appears result of work of certain scientists or small firms. However the subsequent introduction is carried out by the companies possessing financial and material resources necessary for this purpose.

to wide range of production begin commercialization of new goods more often. Research of 500 considerable technological innovations and inventions registered for the last twentieth anniversary in Germany and the USA found an important role of small firms even in an embodiment in life of essential technological innovations.

the equipment, lack of the share risk capital - all this complicates continuation of effective activity and compels to direct the main efforts not on production expansion, and on fight for a survival.